A twenty-something kid in Italian class Part one: get me a bucket

4 Aug 2013

You know what they say about new experiences…they only make you stronger.

Well, I must say, for the entire six months I’ve been travelling solo, I’ve definitely embraced new experiences. Grabbed them by the balls as some might say. I’ve not once been a Nervous Nelly. Maybe that is thanks to my brother’s advice.

“Don’t worry about the past or the future, just enjoy the present.”

Probably the best advice I’ve been given. Relaxed Rae right here.

Today, I started my home stay in Florence, Italy. I am living in the home of Daniela, a born and bred Florentine. She speaks no English for the most part but a decent amount of French. And fluent Italian. I speak English (obvi), a small amount of French and my Italian goes as far as counting to twenty and singing Happy Birthday. Grazie Signorina Rizzi and Primary School Italian lessons.

For the first time in six months, Nervous Nelly was all over the shop. Whaaaat! I had to remind myself to remind myself to remember my brother’s wise advice. Be present. Be present. BE PRESENT!

DING DONG. I arrived at Daniela’s house. I heard no words from the intercom. Was I at the right house? Two minutes later I was buzzed into the first gate, then the first door then after a few flights of marble stairs I saw Daniela.

What did she just say? Uh oh. Okay, you know how to say hello and how are you…do it…do it…DO IT!

“Ciao Daniela. Mi chiamo Rae. Come stai?” Mental pat on the back.

The tour of Casa di Daniela was conducted in French and, well, I’ve not yet been told off so I assume I understood most of it. Dinner conversation was a mix between French, English and Italian since the other girl staying here speaks French and some English. Between us all we managed to have a broken chat, like that of some kids at two year old kinder. We talked about where we lived, where we had travelled and my Italian went as far as learning to say “deliziosa” with the proper accent. I’m 50% there. One word a day. If I keep this up I might be able to construct an entire sentence by the time my two weeks is over!

So Nervous Nelly no more. I have now come to the realisation that Daniela hosts non-Italian speakers all the time so she is used to people like me! Lucky I can speak some French or we might have been using sign language.

Raise your glasses peeps! I need some luck for this two week journey I’ve just embarked upon. My goal? To hold a conversation in Italian at the dinner table over a bowl of Daniela’s spaghetti.



2 Responses to “A twenty-something kid in Italian class Part one: get me a bucket”

  1. lankagirl 04. Aug, 2013 at 11:16 pm #

    Good luck, good goal, good challenge. Think of all those mono-linguists sitting somewhere in the world, safe, sound, and bored! co

    • Rae 04. Aug, 2013 at 11:32 pm #

      Thank you Lankagirl :) currently I am feeling challenged since I do not understand any Italian! Throwing myself in the deep end a bit! Best way to live!

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