“The dog ate my homework” doesn’t fly anymore, kids.

19 Jun 2013

Remember that unsettling feeling of anxiety when you knew the postman was delivering your school report that afternoon? You had to find some ingenious way to race home, open it, read it, reseal it and come up with a feasible explanation as to why Mrs Trigonometry said you were “far more capable than what was demonstrated” and why Mr Grammar said you “did not work to their potential”…all with complete discreteness so your parents wouldn’t know you’d already snuck a looksee.

Well kids, it’s that time of year again. Good luck explaining to Mum and Dad why you didn’t do your homework. “The dog ate it” doesn’t fly anymore.

I present to you my report, of me, from me, for Semester 1, 2013 in third person.


report writing cartoon

Rae has shown much interest in Semester 1 Solo Globetrotter. She was determined and successful in completing all six topics, five of which were based around South America. In Term 1, Rae studied Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru and demonstrated a solid interest in ridding the tourist and releasing her inner traveler by collecting braided cotton bracelets, leaving her hair unbrushed for days and not washing tank tops because “the arm pit holes are big enough that the sweat doesn’t absorb” however, once she began the Term 2 topic on The United States of America, Rae made the decision to improve her personal hygiene and occasionally wear some make up.

Rae’s biggest accomplishment this semester was trekking the Inca Trail to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. She demonstrated an ability to challenge negative thoughts and channel them into positive ones as well as conquering physical pain. Aside from the Inca Trail, Rae has proven to be highly successful in rarely exercising and growing an expanding spare tire around her mid section. To avoid the Rundown-Rae virus, she has tried hard to ingest some vitamins and minerals through sources such as vegetables, fruit, multi-vitamin horse tablets, Berocca, Hairy Lemon and despite her lactose intolerance, pizza.

Rae drafted many blog entries during Semester 1 for The Weekly Unwind, however it was disappointing to note that a very low percentage of these saw a final edit and therefore were not published. Rae’s explanation time after time of “the dog ate it” was very concerning– is the dog alive after downing a keyboard and screen? Despite this poor effort, Rae has become highly effective at self reflection and has acquired many useful skills while actively participating in Globetrotting this semester, in particular, she has demonstrated efficiency in budgeting, until she discovered New York City’s rooftop bars and nightlife.

Rae has become highly proficient at talking to strangers, most who responded positively and some who, well, did not. Rae displayed a positive attitude towards Solo Globetrotter at all times and as a result, has made many new friends. Rae is looking forward to rekindling the love with many of her travel loving buddies in Semester 2. I am proud of Rae’s efforts this semester. Her personal growth and the lifelong skills she has acquired could not be developed elsewhere. Well done Rae, on a fine semester’s work.


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  1. Lisa-Marie 19. Jun, 2013 at 9:51 pm #

    Coordinator report: Rae has worked very well this semester and her report is a testament to her hard work and great attitude. She is to be congratulated on a fantastic semester’s work. Well done, Rae!

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